INTERVIEW mit Roland Jahn (Bürgerrechtler, Journalist, Leiter der Stasi-Unterlagen-Behörde BStU)

Interview with Roland Jahn – civil rights activist, journalist, and head of the BStU / Federal Commissioner for the Records of the State Security Service of the former German Democratic Republic

»… and I was simply scared of not being able to see my daughter for a very long time. … of being in prison for several years, and not even seeing my child – three years old at that time – on her first day of school. That was the biggest fear I have ever experienced.«

»… it’s a long-term process… it’s not like you are being born as an enemy of the state. And it’s not like there’s this one pivotal event that instantly turns you into a dissident.
It’s a process of awareness, derived from the diverse experiences of everyday life… that you come to realise – this is not my country – this is not my system – this is not where I want to live.«

»… certainly, overcoming the fear – that was the crucial point, that made people rise up, not only as singular individuals.«

Lust ist

leicht, durchlässig –

Angst ist zäh, dicht.


Delight is

lightly, pervious –

Fear is tough, opaque.

15/11 – 9:06


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