GroßeKleine Ängste

// BigLittle Fears

Q: Where is the fear located // where do you feel it?

A (10 years old): In the heart…. in the head, too.

A (8 years old): … up here…

A (16 years old): Emanating from the head… if it’s about my loved ones, clearly from the body center.

A (6 years old): Right here in my head.

Q: What do you do when you have a fear?

A (6 years old): I try to protect myself then. Look away, for instance, or take the hands before my eyes.

A (8 years old): I want to stop that thing quickly, in that scene where I have a fear, so I can leave it behind me… and eventually forget about it.

A (16 years old): Going through a different experience, and distraction of course… quite diverse things, from the usual media to social contacts…

A (10 years old): I try to think of beautiful things. Of animals, for example, my rabbits… or meerkats… so that the beautiful thing is bigger than the evil that frightens me.

Die Angst bekommt einen geopolitischen Fokus.
Oder drei.
Florida, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania.
Oder ist Florida bereits verloren, und statt dessen Georgia, oder was? Kann nicht recht folgen. Angst vor dem, was kommt, nachdem sich die Angst vor dem Tète-à-tète bewahrheitet haben wird. Instabilität der Demokratie. Beendigung aller Anstandsregeln, gefolgt von Bürgerkriegszuständen und einem zentral gesteuerten Putschversuch.

Die Corona-Scheiße erscheint gerad mal albern und nebensächlich.

// Fear is now inclined to a geopolitical focus.
Or three of them.
Florida, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania.
Or can we say that Florida is already lost, and then it’s Georgia instead, or what? I can’t quite catch up. The fear of what will come after that the fear of a tète-à-tète has become reality. Instability of democracy. Suspension of etiquette, followed by conditions of civil war and a centrally controlled coup attempt.

At this moment in time, the Corona shit just seems silly and peripheral.

04/11 18:09


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